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Are you looking for an experienced, enthusiastic, passionate and dynamic speaker who incorporates elements of self-awareness, intentionality, growth mindset and transformational learning into her thought-provoking, engaging and insightful presentations?


Are you looking for a speaker who speaks from her heart and is committed to bringing the best version of herself to all her speaking engagements?  

Dr. Isabel Rambob is the speaker you are looking for. She has been doing public speaking since she was 9 years old and has been speaking professionally since 2008.  She is an international speaker who has lectured in the USA, Europe, Asia and South America.  

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Building Cohesive 
Dental Teams

Engaging with Patients
In-Person & Online

Conflict Management 
in the Dental Office

Professional Presence & Influence for Women Dentists

Creating an Inclusive Healthcare Environment

Revamping Treatment Plan Presentation Skills

Cultural Sensitivity for Dental Teams

Social Media for Dentists










  • Best Practices for Effectively Communicating with Patients 
  • Building Cohesive Dental Teams 
  • Heels of Power: Boosting Your Professional Presence and Influence (for women dentists) 
  • Revamping your Treatment Plan Presentation Skills: Unlocking the Code to Increase Case Acceptance
  • Social Media Made Easy: Boosting Your Online Presence
  • Unlocking the Power of Networking 

Learning outcomes are customized based on the needs of participants.

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"It was a great pleasure to have Dr. Isabel Rambob as a speaker at the II International Colloquium of the Post Graduate Program in Environment and Health (UNIPLAC – Lages- Brazil). She brilliantly spoke to nearly 400 participants on the topic of People Skills in the New Work Environment. Dr. Rambob is an example of how to go beyond technical knowledge, demonstrating skills and competencies in speaking to an interprofessional audience what is so necessary for success in healthcare settings."

Anelise Masiero, DDS, M.Sc, PhD

Director of Post Graduate Program in Environment and Health, UNIPLAC, Brazil

"We were honored to have Dr. Isabel Rambob speak on our Dental Entrepreneur Woman Learning Crew platform. She is engaging, knowledgeable, and profound. Our attendees loved her wisdom and positive energy, and we cannot wait to feature Dr. Rambob again! Everyone stayed through the questions and final networking, which accomplished our mission to bring all women in dentistry together."

Anne Duffy, RDH

Founder, Dental Entrepreneur Woman

"Dr. Rambob I love the excitement with which you present. It creates such a relaxing environment for your listeners to be fully engaged, to understand and absorb the subject. The simple ways in which you present makes your presentations really unforgettable and drives the message home. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!"

Afia Amoah, DDS

"I had the pleasure of co-facilitating eight workshop sessions with Dr. Rambob last September in Brazil on the topic of Happiness and Wellbeing at the Workplace. Dr. Rambob is an energic, passionate and vibrant speaker who genuinely connects with her audience. She was able to engage the audience and get their full attention during the entire presentations. I was delighted to work with her in Brazil and I am looking forward to continuing our collaborative efforts in the US.”

Patricia Fraga, PhD,

Chief Happiness Officer, Abayomi

Dr. Rambob is an excellent speaker, teacher, mentor, and presenter. You can tell she is passionate about what she is talking about and encourages others to interact or engage during presentations. Rather than some speakers who can make you wish you were watching paint dry instead. She uses organized presentations with quality photos, to the point information, and can even add a little humor. I would strongly recommend Dr. Rambob.

Jordan Hobel, DDS

Owner, Mountain City Dental

“It was a pleasure having Dr. Rambob presenting to us on a very relevant topic-Wellbeing in the Workplace. It was an excellent workshop which gave us important tools to promote self-awareness, collaboration and  belonging at work.”

Nelia de Medeiros Sampaio, DDS, PhD

Vice-Chair Department of Health, State University of Feira de Santana School of Dentistry, Brazil

"I recently attended a presentation by Dr. Rambob on the topic of Managing Up. The manner of presenting - clearly, authentically, and without judgment - made a true impression on me. Dr. Rambob reinforced the importance of managing up in order to cultivate a strong working relationship. She stressed the importance of communication, asking how the team can support each other, and how to manage from kindness and compassion. I was happy to receive true takeaways from the presentation that I will incorporate into my own managing style. I look forward to more presentations by Dr. Rambob in the future."

Dina Billian, JD

Deputy Director of Career Development

Dr. Rambob is the BEST!! She gave a seminar to all faculty members and students in our school in Saudi Arabia. We couldn't ask for a better person to give that seminar! We all enjoyed it and heard what we needed. The way she interacts or makes her session are extraordinary and outstanding! She knows how to engage the audience and how to deliver the message. We are so thankful for her help in overcoming the POST-COVID-19 changes.

Maria Ibrahim, BDS, MDS, MPH, PhD

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