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flow℞™ Event


Leadership Presence & Personal Branding

for Women in Healthcare

March 20 & 27 2:30 PM- 4:00 PM EST

Do you want to learn how to command a room? Would you like to grow your influence? Do you want to increase your brand awareness, visibility and professional authority?




Wear your favorite high heels and lipstick, bring your success partner, activate your desire to learn and join us for this exclusive online event designed specially for women in healthcare.



A success partner enhances the learning experience. You both will stay engaged, will share insights and will help each other to sustain continuous growth.


Invite a colleague to take this journey together to boost your leadership presence and personal brand resulting in higher case acceptance, improved team building skills and increased referrals.




During these two insightful 90-minute sessions, we will cover:

      Common pitfalls for leaders

      Developing your leadership presence

      Strengthening your leadership presence

      Personal brand 101

      Brand management strategies

      Social media tips

      Network like a pro

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." Sheryl Sandberg

What is flow℞™? It is an online professional development format that combines elements of workshop, group coaching, intentional learning and corporate retreat. It consists of two very engaging sessions of 90 minutes offering a customized, interactive, innovative and fun way to improve the soft skills of healthcare professionals.

flow℞™ Framework
flowRx Framework.png

Copyright 2020 Isabel Rambob 

Meet the Confidence Boosters

Dr.Rambob headshot.PNG
Dr. Isabel Rambob
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Dr. Rambob is someone moved by an insatiable desire to expand the limits of her imagination. A fervent knowledge seeker and connector extraordinaire, she believes in the power of connecting peoples and ideas to create endless possibilities. Ignited by the desire to enhance the soft skills of healthcare professionals, she started RTS. She likes to add her personal touch to everything she does and since she started RTS, she has created the RAMISA Model™, the RTS Training Framework™, the RTS Coaching Framework™, the RTS Coaching Tool™, the GROWTH Model for Creative Thinking™ and flow™. There is an interesting story about why she calls this event Heel of Power™.  She will share with you at the event. 

akiko sorrisao.jpg
Ms. Akiko Nishimoto
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Ms. Nishimoto loves the challenge of marketing communications and branding!!! She is always seeking a way to innovate in this captivating journey and help brands grow and make relevant connections with their audiences. How to empower sales and marketing teams with innovative tools to amaze customers? How to engage the target audience in GE's Olympic & Paralympic Sponsorship and keep them informed about 180 infrastructure projects in Rio? How to integrate digital marketing with traditional communications to tell great stories about the digital industrial transformation? How to reposition brands through value proposition, branding and customer focus? How to enhance your personal brand and use it for your career and to grow your business? These great opportunities (plus hard work, reading and networking) turned a Mechanical Engineer, half Brazilian, half Japanese, into a passionate marketing communicator!

We are ready to take you on a journey BEYOND THE TECHNICAL SKILLS!

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