Dr. Rambob’s passion for the science of teaching and learning, her experience in interprofessional education and her commitment to promoting the lifelong learning mindset ignited her to create RTS.


Dr. Rambob is a dentist, educator, certified mediator and prolific speaker who has lectured in the USA, Europe, Asia and South America.  She brings over 20 years’ experience as a healthcare professional and over 10 years' experience as an educator and speaker.


She believes commitment to a holistic approach to professional development is one of the keys to professional success and looks forward to assisting you,  your team and your organization on this journey.

Photo by Iwan Bagus:

"You must constantly reinvent yourself in order to remain professionally relevant in the 21st century. Mental resilience and emotional intelligence are critical elements in this process." 

Dr. Isabel Rambob

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