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We are experiencing exponential changes in what we do, how we do it, and why we do it in dentistry. As dental providers, we must keep learning to remain current, relevant, competent and compassionate. Inspired by the psychological concept of flow-a highly focused mental state, Dr. Isabel Rambob has created a new online people skills training format: flow℞™ 


flow℞™ consists of two very engaging sessions of 90 minutes up to 20 participants. It combines elements of workshop, group coaching, intentional learning and corporate retreat offering a customized, interactive, innovative and fun way to improve the people skills of your dental team and turn your practice into a patient magnet.

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You can book flow℞™ sessions on any of the topics related to the RTS Framework for Peak Performance in Dentistry™.   

Self-Management & Self-Development 

self-awareness    goal setting    intentional learning

Adaptability & Resilience

learning agility    creative thinking    cognitive flexibility

Assertiveness & Influence

communication skills    digital presence    leadership skills

Collaboration & Teamwork

cultural awareness     team building    conflict management

Take your dental team on a journey BEYOND THE TECHNICAL SKILLS!

RTS Framework for Peak Performance in Dentistry.png
Online People Skills Training for Dentists.jpg

Using the GROWTH Model for Creative Thinking™ we design sessions that encourage and inspire participants to continue learning new skills. 

GROWTH Model for Creative Thinking™ 

Ground yourself
Rethink your approach
Optimize the flow of ideas
Work your ideas out of your comfort zone
Turn off negative self-talk
Honor your authenticity & personal needs

Copyright 2020 Isabel Rambob 


“Creating meaning involves bringing order to the contents of the mind by integrating one’s actions into a unified flow experience.”  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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