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Healthcare providers, governments, and payers are under intense pressure to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs.  According to the CRISCO report in 2016, poor communications cost the U.S. healthcare system $1.7 billion in malpractice costs and nearly 2,000 lives. 


It is imperative that healthcare workers possess the soft skills required to deliver exceptional care to patients, while also being able to successfully collaborate with other members of the team to maximize patient safety, outcomes, and satisfaction. 

Unlocking the human potential and the power of strong teams to create work environments that foster a culture of patient-centered care, promote the wellbeing of health care workers and advance interprofessional collaborative practices to maximize organizational effectiveness. 

Rambob Training Services (RTS) embraces a holistic approach to professional development. We offer training programs, CE courses, lectures, webinars, breakout sessions, workshops, corporate retreats, mediation services, coaching programs, and consultation services to help healthcare workers, medical and dental practices, hospitals and healthcare organizations to achieve:





"Dear Dr. Rambob, I want to thank you deeply for the wonderful presentation you gave to my team and I in our summer retreat. It was not only informative but also entertaining and full of tools that will make a difference in how we interact among ourselves and with the people we serve. I really enjoyed your presence full of good energy and genuine communication.  You not only teach by what you say but also by your example."

 Lourdes G. Parry MD, MPH 

Oferecemos treinamentos, palestras, coaching e consultoria em Português. Entre em contato conosco para saber mais. 

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