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Interpersonal Skills
Training & Coaching

Helping dentists unlock the power of

strong interpersonal skills to maximize practice success

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Have you thought about strengthening your interpersonal skills?

You probably should. Why?

Interpersonal interactions in the dental practice are becoming even more relevant to ensure an exceptional patient experience which will increase patient referrals. 

Dentists interact with patients on a daily basis, and their ability to communicate effectively and build positive relationships greatly impacts the quality of care they provide.

Strong interpersonal skills play an important role in team motivation, patient retention, and practice success.

Are you struggling to manage patients' expectations?

Do you know how to engage with patients online?

Do you need to learn how to motivate and lead your dental team?

Dr. Rambob, a dentist herself, understands the challenges dentists encounter trying to balance practicing dentistry, leading a team, and managing patients' needs and expectations.

Do you know what can help you better manage your team and patients?


Strong interpersonal skills!

RTS Coaching Program is designed to help you boost your interpersonal skills to strengthen teamwork, increase case acceptance, and improve patient satisfaction to maximize the success of your dental practice.

Don't delay reaping the benefits of participating in a coaching program: better use of skills and resources, greater flexibility and adaptability to change, improved performance, and improved quality of life.

Strong interpersonal skills are integral to the practice of dentistry. Dentists must communicate effectively, show empathy, build trust, and work collaboratively to ensure their patients receive the best possible care and have positive dental experiences resulting in increased patient retention.

What are you waiting for?


Girl at the Dentist

Would you like to have a motivated, culturally sensitive, and cohesive dental team?

Teams with strong interpersonal skills are able to collaborate better, resolve conflicts quicker, and build a high level of trust.


Teams with strong interpersonal skills create a positive care environment that promotes people-centered care and enhanced patient experience resulting in increased patient retention.


We can help your team strengthen its interpersonal skills.

We deliver in-person and online training programs in a format and duration best suited to your team's needs. 

Strong interpersonal skills are crucial for effective teamwork, which is essential for the efficient functioning of a dental practice.


We would love to work with you and your dental team to maximize your practice success. 


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